Wax Poetics Radio Podcast 003 (Bad Data #002 w. Chris Peters)

We’re big fans of Wax Poetics, so we’re delighted to see that they’ve put together an open podcast that will feature different hosts and DJs playing a variety of music and interviews.  Check out the third installment.

Sam Beaubien of Will Sessions talks about the band’s work on the Real Sessions collection and Elzhi’s Elmatic mixtape.
DJ Wordy discusses hip-hop in China and the WordySoulspeak project.
Quinton Scott at Strut Records talks about the Factory Dance – Factory Records 12″ Mixes and Rarities 1980–1987 release.

Beats by Oddisee. Taken from Rock Creek Park courtesy of Mello Music Group.


1. Sam Beubien interview
2. “So Gone/Nautilus” Will Sessions featuring Black Milk
3. Sam Beubien interview
4. “Halftime” Elzhi
5. DJ Wordy interview
6. “Brothers” WordySoulspeak
7. DJ Wordy interview
8. “Day Tripping” WordySoulspeak
9. Quinton Scott interview
10. “Looking From a Hilltop (Megamix)” Section 25
11. Quinton Scott interview
12. “Puppeteer” Blurt

Published: 19th December 2011
Produced by: Wax Poetics
Length: 00:34.46


Wax Poetics Radio Podcast 003 (Bad Data #002 w. Chris Peters) by Wax Poetics