The NEXTMEN Podcast: Episode 15

The Nextmen are critically acclaimed UK DJ/production/songwriting duo Dom Search and Brad Baloo. Their history leaves them & their beloved followers armed with albums, singles, mash-up edits, bootlegs, specials, mixes, remixes, podcasts, DJ sets and live shows.

Each month they’ll be bringing you a new installment of their brand of dancehall, drum’n’bass, dubstep, reggae, roots, instrumental and actual hip hop, soul and soulful low-end boomp, funk & (UK) funky, indie, leftfield, ambient, pop and straight-up party jacking pleasers. Get your ears open and ready.

This episode has a Christmas theme to it, but we still enjoyed it and think you might too?

Published: 21st December  2011
Produced by: The Nextmen
Length: 1:02:55