The National Archives: New Files from 1981

An overview of newly-released government files from 1981 including discussion of the major stories of the year. From urban riots and IRA hunger strikes to splits in Cabinet over economic policy, 1981 was an extremely challenging year for Mrs Thatcher’s Conservative government. Contemporary records specialists Mark Dunton and Simon Demissie delve into the files for new revelations. Introduced by Tommy Norton.

Under the 30 year rule, thousands of newly-released government files from 1981 have been opened at The National Archives in Kew. The files originate from the Prime Minister’s Office (PREM), the Cabinet Office (CAB) and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and give us a fascinating insight into a very challenging year for Margaret Thatcher’s Conservative Government.

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Published: 30th December  2011
Produced by: The National Archives
Length:  51m 25s