The Gamesday Podcast #129 – Xbox 360 / Microsoft Year in Review

The fantastic Gamesday team are doing a mini-series podcast focusing on the big players of the video games industry. The first of the mini-series features Microsoft  and the Xbox 360, next week Sony.

2011 was a pretty incredible year for Microsoft: sales over all other consoles month after month, widespread Kinect adoption, and exclusives like Gears of War 3. This week as part of our year-end console wrapup month, Mathew, Corey, Andrew, and Jeremy get comfy on the couch and talk about all things Microsoft. Halo 4, Dance Central 2, the new Metro dashboard update, the new XBox iOS app, and much, much more.


Published: 16th December 2011
Produced by: Games Day
Length: 0:40:09