5by5: The Talk Show 79: 8:31 AM

On this truly Big Week, John Gruber and Dan Benjamin are joined by John Siracusa to discuss Gruber’s personal keynote with Phil Schiller , who Apple is competing with, the new features in Mountain Lion, the future of the Mac and iCloud, and being off the record.

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5by5: The Talk Show 75: A Mute Point

John Gruber and Dan Benjamin discuss the iPhone ringer switch, the behavior of switches and buttons on smartphones, how many levels of volume you need, dedicated camera buttons, keyboards, Apple’s upcoming education event, and some of the most important follow up ever.

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The Talk Show #71: Hashcow

The Talk Show goes from strength to strength.

This week, John Gruber and Dan Benjamin talk about John’s appearance On The Verge, the new Apple Store in Grand Central Station, John’s pro-fact bias, rooting for underdogs, laggy interfaces in Mac OS X and Android, new Twitter, the titles and bits of Bond films, and Louis CK’s indie content and success.

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