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Stuff You Should Know Podcast – Alien Hand Syndrome

When a person has alien hand syndrome, his or her hand can move involuntarily, and seemingly of its own volition. Watch as Josh and Chuck from Stuff You Should Know investigate this misunderstood syndrome.

The How Stuff Works team put together a whole host of audio and video podcasts. In fact, they also have an iOS app that Apple have rated as one of the bets of 2011 (also available on Android too).  In this episode of Stuff You Should Know, Josh and Chuck discus a neurological disorder in which the afflicted person’s hand appears to take on a mind of its own.  Viewers of the 1964 film Dr. Strangelove will recognise this as one of the conditions of the titles main character, a wheelchair-bound nuclear war expert and former Nazi whose uncontrollable hand apparently has a Nazi mind of its own.


Published: 16th December  2011
Produced by: HowStuffWorks
Length: 0:09:31