SplitSider – Best Comedy Podcasts of 2011

Nice list of comedy podcasts from the SplitSider team on the best comedy podcasts of 2011.  We particularly like their award for the “Most Unintentionally Funny Podcast”.  

 Most Unintentionally Funny Podcast – Heres the Thing, with Alex Baldwin.

When it was announced that Alec Baldwin was starting a podcast, we all went, “Why?” and our parents went, “A pod-what?” and our grandparents went “Alec-who? Is that the square-jawed Irishman from Knot’s Landing?” Baldwin is arguably too big of a movie star for television and laughably too famous to host a podcast—it would be like if your Sunday school class was taught by Jesus.

His podcast, Here’s the Thing, is often quite listenable as he is an uncompromising interviewer; however, more often it is hilariously serious—he spoke to Kris Kardashian Jenner like she was Warren Buffet (which she is not). His premier episode, where he interviews Michael Douglas, is so self-congratulatory that they might as well have spent the episode’s twenty minutes describing the various ways they masturbate to pictures of themselves.

Head on over to splitsider.com to check out the rest of their 2011 list.