Rotoscopers: Episode 3: Rock-A-Doodle – Animation, It’s Music to My Ears!

 The Rotoscopers is a podcast for the animation addict. In episode 3, they discuss Chelsea’s personal favorite filmDon Bluth’s Rock-A-Doodle.



■  New sponser: Audible!
■  Thoughts on The Simpsons’ 500th episode
■  Mason sees Pixar’s Oscar-nominated short La Luna
■  The week of the movie posters: Rise of the GuardiansThe Croods Frankenweenie
■  Morgan & Chelsea’s thoughts on Arrietty
■  Why Mason is a traitor
■  Mason’s Segment: 12 Principles of Animation – Timing
■  Mason talks about his sack flour animation
■  Why he’s the top dog in his class
■  Main Discussion: Rock-A-Doodle
■  Spoiler Alert!
■  Rock-A-Doodle‘s release date got pushed back and back
■  Chelsea learns who Glen Campbell is at the Super Bowl
■  Is the Duke a vampire?
■  Goldie’s design
■  Who is the mercenary rooster?
■  Chelsea discusses the songs
■  Morgan’s frustration with Patau’s narration
■  Favorite Quotes!
■  Our ratings: did we love it or hate it?
■  Our thanks for being the Show of the Week on The Wakefield Report
■  The “blow by blow” bloopers