Resident Advisor Podcast – Exchange RA.EX069: Mr. C

The weekly Resident Advisor Exchange is a series of conversations with artists, labels and promoters shaping the electronic music landscape. Resident Advisor is an online electronic music magazine. This week, Mr. C.

Ommmmmmmm: The outspoken Buddhist DJ tries to keep his outsized ego in check.

There are few things in the world of clubbing that Mr C hasn’t done. He’s been a DJ, a rapper, a producer, a club owner… For a few years, he was even a pop star. The two guiding forces in his lengthy career have been his ego—something he tries his best to keep in check through his devotion to Buddhism—and his dedication to the new—C rarely plays classics, spinning fresh underground music at every opportunity. He’s one of the most outsized characters in the world of electronic music, one that hasn’t slowed down much even after a move from his beloved London to the calmer climes of Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting a number of years ago. The Chelsea fan touched on all of these topics in a candid discussion with RA’s Todd L. Burns earlier this past month.


Published: 21st December  2011
Produced by: ResidentAdvisor
Length: 1h : 09m