Omega Tau Podcast 83 – How Apollo Flew to the Moon

We’ve all heard of NASAs Apollo space programme, but how many of us actually know how Apollo got to the moon?  This in-depth discussion with W. David Woods author of How Apollo Flew to the Moon gives a complete insight into the process and technology behind one of mans greatest historical achievements.

In the episode, W. David Woods basically goes through an Apollo mission and discusses aspects such as the mission structure, the workshare between the crew and mission control, communication and telemetry, guidance and navigation, approach, landing and re-launch on the Moon as well as re-entry and landing on earth.

This is a long episode running at over 2-hours. Its definitely one for the techies out there but still, a fascinating insight on the greatest journey of all time.


Published: 15th December  2011
Produced by: Omega Tau Podcast
Length: 02:18