NPR Author Podcast – True Grit: ‘Into The Silence’ Scales Everest

This isn’t a book about a mountain, this is a book about a generation. Wade Davis tells the story of the British climbers who tried to scale Mount Everest in the 1920s. “They were incredible men with grit and strength of character,” Davis says. “They didn’t know there were limits on what men could do.”

No mountain captures the popular imagination like Everest. The world’s highest peak, towering out of the Himalayas, has frequently proved deadly to those who have tried to reach its summit. The most famous of its victims was the first Englishman to attempt a climb: George Mallory. In the early 1920s Mallory took part in the first three expeditions up Everest, dying on his third attempt. 

Wade Davis, explorer in residence at National Geographic, chronicles these expeditions in his new book, Into the Silence, which links the team’s hardiness and appetite for risk and adventure to their experiences in the trenches of World War I.

An astonishing story of mans rejection of fear.

Published: 29th December  2011
Produced by: NPR News
Length: 07:49