Joystiq Show 019 – Best Console Game of 2011 Pt. 5

Santa been good to you and brought you a nice new games console?  You’ll want to tune into the last episode of the Joystiq “Game of the Year” discussion.

This is the final Joystiq Show of the year, and the last round of Game of the Year personal picks from the final group of Joystiq editors. Mike, Steven, Jess, and Jordan join Richard to hit on titles ranging from Mortal Kombat to Mount & Blade.

Host: Richard Mitchell (@SenseiRAM)
Producer: Jonathan Downin (@jonathandownin - Game Thing Daily)
Production Coordinator: Richard Mitchell

Richard Mitchell – Contributing Editor,
Mike Schramm – Contributing Editor,
Steven Wong – Games Editor,
Jess Conditt – Weekend Editor,
Jordan Mallory – Weekend Editor,

Length: 48:56