Football Weekly Extra Podcast: Manchester United in crisis?

After back-to-back defeats, the podcast analyses the problems at English Premier League Champions Manchester United. Plus, Liverpool continue to get it wrong in the Luis Suárez race row; and Carlo Ancelotti arrives in Paris – but who is set to follow him?

It’s the first Football Weekly Extraaaa of the new year, and what a lineup we have for you, with AC Jimbo joined by Barry Glendenning,Philippe Auclair and Fernando Duarte.

We start by looking back at a dramatic week in the Premier League where it has been a case of, to quote a purple-nosed Scotsman, “football, bloody hell“.

Manchester City seem to be back on track after their wobbles at West Brom and Sunderland, but what of United, beaten at home by Blackburn, spanked by Newcastle, and with injuries and illnesses racking up (not to mention the dinner row between Wayne Rooney and Sir Alex Ferguson)?

Elsewhere, we assess Tottenham’s title chances; Liverpool’s continued mishandling to the Luis Suárez race row; and Carlo Ancelotti’s arrival in Paris – a city without a football soul.

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James Richardson
Ben Green
Fernando Duarte
Barry Glendenning
Published: 5th January  2012
Produced by: Guardian
Length: 00:47:48