Drum and Bass Arena Podcast : The Risky Presents Future Sounds (#208)

Drum and Bass Arena podcast is back for the first time in 2012.   The Risky presents Future Sounds.

Optiv & BTK – Over The Edge (Renegade Hardware)
Callide & Intraspekt – Path You Choose (XEX)
Wickaman & RV – Evs Dead (Dimensions 5 EP) (RAM Records)
Rollz – This World (The Music EP) (Pilot Recordings)
DJ Oder – Rock The Place (Titan)
TC – Psyco (Bass By The Tonne EP) (Don’t Play)
COMPETITION – Win a Drum&BassArena T-shirt
DJ Vapour – Paper Cuts (Callide Remix) (Back To The Bass Part 2) (36 Hertz)
Serial Killaz – Walk & Skank (Northern Lights Remix) (Killadubz)
Mr Explicit – The Dirty Bitch (Titan Impact)
Freeze – Guess Who (Cold Blooded Recordings)
June Miller – Snapshot (Modulations)
TC – Bass By The Tonne (feat. Jakes) (Bass By The Tonne EP) (Don’t Play)
FROM THE VAULTS: John B – Secrets (The Prototype Years LP)


Published: 7th January  2012
Produced by: Drum and Bass Arena
Length: 01:15:16