Diane Rehm: Neuroscience – Beyond Boundaries with Miguel Nicolelis

Diane Rehm and her guest Miguel Nicolelis (founder of the Duke University Center for Bioengineering) discuss the new neuroscience of connecting brains with machines – and how it will change our lives.

 This episode covers neuroscientist Miguel Nicolelis’ work with primates that has uncovered a new and controversial method for capturing brain function. It is paving the way for a cure for Parkinson’s disease, new ways of treating paralysis, and using brain waves to control everything from transportation to manufacturing.

This podcast feed was recommended by our podcast addict friend @Graylinsample, and we’re very thankful that she found it.


Published: 30th December  2011 (Rebroadcast)
Produced by: member-supported WAMU 88.5
Length:  00:51:26