Cane and Rinse Podcast: Issue Twenty: Rayman Origins

The Cane and Rinse podcast was recently voted one of the top gaming podcasts by UK newspaper Metro.  In this Issue Leon, Tony, James Carter and Josh Garrity go to town on Michel Ancel’s lush platformer Rayman Origins, as well as taking a fairly comprehensive look at the Ubisoft franchise’s history.

cane and rise


Music used in this show is as follows;

Track One: Lum King - Christophe Heral & Billy Martin – Rayman Origins OST

Track Two: Ocean World Glouglou - Christophe Heral & Billy Martin - Rayman Origins OST

Track Three: Chest Pursuit - Christophe Heral & Billy Martin - Rayman Origins OST


Edited by Darren Gargette