All We Know Podcast: Episode 15 – Old Lang’s Eye

We didn’t want to podcasts from last year but this one we enjoyed… All We Know is described as a “a sometimes ignorant, occasionally uninformed, irresponsible news podcast“. Soul, Benny & Rafi choose various news topics and talk about ‘all they know’ on the subject…

All We Know close 2011 with a streamlined format and all kinds of nonsense in the lightning round. LA arsonist on the loose, Iowa Caucusing, Iran’s accidental war, Katy Perry, SOPA, NASA, NFL & more. They guys have streamlined their standard format which means that they’re not concentrating on the United States news as much, something we hope they are sticking to.

This one was spotted by AWK addict, @DeeDeeDanie 


02:08 – Local | LA Arsonist
06:17 – US News | GOP Goes Caucusing
11:23 – World | Iran Sanctions
19:43 – Entertainment | Katy Perry on the Market
24:50 – Tech | SOPA update
35:27 – Science | Kickstarting NASA
40:17 – Sports | NFL Playoffs
42:04 – Lightning Round
52:41 – Wrap Up
Published: 31st December 2011
Produced by: All We Know
Length: 56:02